CFDA Registration and Administrative Licensing for Exporting Cosmetics to China (China Cosmetics)

Under the Chinese "Regulation for Administrative Registration of Cosmetic Products" (SFDA [2009]856, published in China on 25 December 2009), companies seeking to place on the Chinese market a new raw material for use in the formulation of cosmetic products in China, or placing this raw material on the Chinese market as part of a product formulated outside of China must submit an application including administrative and technical information.

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China Cosmetics Service: Module 1

• Legal Representation in China: Non-Chinese companies cannot submit applications directly and must proceed via a registered regulatory representative (proxy) established in China.

China Cosmetics Service: Module 2

• Preliminary raw materials evaluation

  • Screening of registered raw materials, identification of raw materials considered as "new"
  • Determination of the compulsory regulatory schema
• Initial assessment
  • Information and data collection
  • Data analysis and evaluation
  • Data gaps assessment, qualifying documents for translation in Chinese language
• Preparation of research and development report
• Preparation of manufacturing process description report

China Cosmetics Service: Module 3

• Identification and generation of material quality and safety control requirements, including standards and testing methods
• Testing for missing data

  • Cost effectiveness strategy, and testing planning
  • Testing for physicochemical, toxicological and eco-toxicological properties (Note : Toxicology testing must be performed by China based approved institutes)
• Preparation of testing reports and relevant materials
• Preparation of safety evaluation on substance risk
• Preparation of report on effectiveness of components and their use, based on scientific literature
• Evaluation on toxicological safety

China Cosmetics Service: Module 4

• Registration dossier generation, submission & follow up

  • Registration process for New raw materials
  • Registration process for Finished cosmetics products

China Cosmetics Service: Module 5

• Translations and notarisation (Note: All documents must be submitted in Chinese language)

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